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New Doom trailer feels even more like hell meets Halo

The latest space nightmare begins next week.

Hungry for another peek at hell in space circa 2016? Bethesda on Thursday released a new trailer for Id Software's upcoming reboot of Doom, and it seems appropriately epic...but not necessarily terrifying.

The latest trailer may not capture all the creeping horror of the original Doom years ago, but it's got enough slicing-demon carnage to rewatch a few times. It does look like, at least to my eyes, that there's a good dose of Halo-esque design around the edges. It also feels like Gears of War and lots of other space-action games.

Doom will have online and single-player modes, and also a SnapMap game editor for creating new sharable stuff online.

We'll know what the final version is like soon enough. It launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next week on May 13...yes, a Friday.