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New documentary to reveal more on Twin Peaks Log Lady

Actor Catherine Coulson made holding a log look cool, but her work with filmmaker David Lynch spanned decades. A new documentary hopes to reveal more about her life.

When the cryptic character Margaret Lanterman, nicknamed the Log Lady, spoke on Twin Peaks, everyone listened. 

Actor Catherine Coulson made the unusual character a fan-favorite on both the original series and more recently in Twin Peaks: The Return -- which was her last performance before her death in 2015

Now her friends, family, co-workers and fans want to celebrate her work in front of and behind the camera in a new documentary -- I Know Catherine, The Log Lady.

The documentary will feature interviews with the people who knew her best, including an intimate conversation with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch

The feature-length, authorized documentary promises to show the story of Coulson's career as a TV, film and theater actor -- giving fans a chance to view rare footage of her work.

Actress Catherine Coulson will always be remembered as Log Lady on "Twin Peaks."


The filmmakers also want to shine light on her lesser-known achievements, like being one of the first women to join Hollywood's prestigious camera union.

Anecdotes from the cast and crew of Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Psych and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, as well as from her colleagues at Oregon Shakespeare Festival where she performed more than 50 productions with the theater company over the course of more than 20 years, will also be prominently featured. 

But perhaps the one element Twin Peaks fans will be most excited about is the one-on-one interview with Lynch himself talking about Coulson's contribution to the hit series, as well as her final moments playing the Log Lady in Twin Peaks: The Return.

"They'll learn so much about her and appreciate her as a human being," Lynch said in the documentary's trailer. "She is one that really should be appreciated." 

Currently, the filmmakers are crowdfunding the project on Kickstarter, which ends on June 16.

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