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New Doctor Who trailer shows Jodie Whittaker fully in charge

Season 11 starts Oct. 7 on the BBC and BBC America.


Jodie Whittaker takes the helm of Doctor Who. 


As the new season of Doctor Who approaches, we got a fresh trailer on Thursday featuring Jodie Whittaker in the decades-old role of The Doctor. 

There's a lot of running through spaceships and across presumably alien planets. There's a smattering of laser fire and explosions for good measure. It's all tracked to the song "Glorious" by Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey. 

Above all though, we got a unanimous declaration from the Doctor's companions that she's the one in charge. 

Whittaker took over the role from Peter Capaldi and is the first woman to play the Doctor. 

The new season starts Oct. 7 on the BBC and BBC America.