New concept explores "untapped" faucet market

Concept faucet design faucet defies gravity and looks super cool, too


We feature several concept kitchens on the Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets blog, but exciting culinary concepts don't necessarily only come in full-fledged kitchens. Often, adding one high-tech element to a traditional kitchen is all that's needed to bring both the look and the functionality of a cooking space into a completely new class. Take, for instance, the Guru faucet.

The eye-catching design by Ernesto Messineo of Milan has great potential, either for generating complements or for provoking looks of confusion. Slightly reminiscent of things you may have seen on Star Trek, the faucet serves as a great conversation piece.

The difference in this faucet is in the way the water flows: Water first spouts up into the transparent lid, then gravity takes over, and the water travels toward the faucet tip via a phenomenon called adhesion (in which water sticks to other surfaces). And not only does the faucet look cool, it apparently saves water, too.

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