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New color options come to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The device now comes with Rose Gold accents and a new Merlot Red color option, but Samsung keeps mum on when, or if, these colors will head to the US.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 now comes with Rose Gold White and Rose Gold Black accents. There's also a new Merlot Red color option. Samsung

Samsung has added some "accents" to its Galaxy Note 3 line.

Samsung on Monday announced that its Galaxy Note 3 will be available with Rose Gold accents. Samsung also offered up a Merlot Red Galaxy Note 3 option.

The Galaxy Note 3, which launched in September, previously came in Jet Black, Classic White, and Blush Pink versions. According to Samsung, the Rose Gold accents will make their way to the Jet Black and Classic White models. The Merlot Red Note 3 will stand alone as a separate model.

Despite the color changes, nothing else has changed in the Galaxy Note 3. The device still comes with its massive 5.7-inch display, S Pen interface, and quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

China will be the initial focal point in the Samsung launch, with the Rose Gold White edition launching this month in that market. Samsung didn't provide details on other launches, saying only that "other color options will be launched according to each market's preference."

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