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New bus for London: Routemaster revival

The classic double-decker bus is redesigned to be greener and better-ventilated, but its sleek new look costs a pretty pence.

London's new Routemaster bus
Transport for London

There are few things Crave likes better than classic British icons getting sleek, shiny make-overs. First it was the technicolor iPod-generation Daleks--now it's the classic Routemaster double-decker getting a retro-futuristic sprucing-up.

The New Bus for London draws on the classic London bus design. Rubbish name, but with its swooping lines it looks the part. Initially, there'll be four of the new models on London streets. The new look was unveiled this week by everybody's favorite bumbling posho, Boris Johnson, and cost a hefty 7.8 million pounds ($11.25 million) in development and manufacture. It's designed to be greener and better-ventilated--and hopefully, less prone to catching fire--than existing buses, but still, eight million quid?

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