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New blog cooks up dream Facebook features

A Dublin-based designer has started a blog devoted to features he'd like to see on Facebook, from drag-and-drop chat to automatic translators.

One of designer Youssef Sarhan's ideas for his blog 'Yo Zuck!' is the ability to comment on video links with other video links. Youssef Sarhan

Facebook recently announced a "Hackamonth" initiative to encourage engineers to spend time on side projects, but one designer outside of Facebook wants to add his input, too. Enter "Yo Zuck! Implement This," a new blog that dreams up Facebook features that don't exist yet--most, extremely practical ones, too--and works them into convincing-looking mockups.

Yo Zuck--a reference, of course, to Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg--is the project of Youssef Sarhan, a Dublin-based designer who tweets at the enviably short username @ys. Among the suggestions that have been posted so far have been drag-and-drop group chat, something that could actually give Facebook Chat a leg up on rival instant-messaging clients; a browser bar for easy access to Facebook sharing; and a "translate" option for a quick translation of an item posted in another language.

Facebook may or may not be aware of Sarhan's new project, but the company certainly is making some bold investments in design. Yesterday, a data visualization start-up called Daytum announced that it had been acquired by Facebook and that its two founders would be joining Facebook's product design team; one of them, Nicholas Felton, has become somewhat of a cult hero for logging practically everything he does day-to-day and packaging it up into an "infographic"-filled report at year's end.

Regarding "Yo Zuck!" and what he hopes to do with it, Sarhan did not respond to a request for comment.