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New Belkin router is a Vision to behold

Belkin debuts its new N1 Vision router with interactive network display

The N1 Vision router lets you view the status of your network right on the router. Belkin

Belkin announced today the newest member of its N1 family of 802.11n-based networking products--the N1 Vision. Belkin broke the mold of usability with its original N1 router, but the N1 Vision takes it a step further: mounted on the front of the sleek, black router is an interactive network display. The graphical LCD displays information such as your upload/download speed, network bandwidth usage, the number of connected devices on your network, the guest access network key, and the date and time. A four-way rocker key lets you navigate through the available information.

The N1 Vision is compliant with draft 2.0 of the 802.11n spec, which means it's guaranteed to be interoperable with 11n products from other networking vendors and backward compatible with 11g/b products. According to Belkin, setup is "CD-less" and plug-and-play, but as we haven't gotten our hands on the router, we can't comment on that yet. It offers Gigabit Ethernet ports and the latest in wireless security, including WPA and WPA2. The $200 price tag may seem a bit steep, but with other 11n routers such as the D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit router and Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station coming in at $180, it's not too bad considering the extra user-friendly features. The router will be available in late July. Expect to see a review of it shortly after.