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New Battlefield 5 video offers a tease of tomorrow's reveal

A shadow consumes a soldier's face, but what's casting it is anyone's guess.

Ahead of tomorrow's new Battlefield reveal, EA has shared a brief video teasing what's in store.

The 9-second video features the face of a soldier as it's overtaken by a shadow. He stares up at whatever is casting it, but it's difficult to glean much.

There's been all sorts of speculation as to what the next game in the series could be. As the Call of Duty series has moved into telling stories in the future, Battlefield's recent entries have all been set in the present day. Some are hoping the next game will go back to World War II, while others are hoping for a sequel to the futuristic Battlefield 2142.

Whatever the game is, we'll be finding out the details tomorrow, May 6, at 1 p.m. PST. EA has promised "a first look at the future of Battlefield." We'll have all the details as they're announced here on GameSpot.