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New Apple TV tipped to launch alongside iPad 3

Reliable sources have hinted Apple might unveil an updated set-top box at the same time as iPad 3.

Whoa there -- the iPad 3 is launching next week, we know that much, but a new Apple TV could be coming too.

Unfortunately it won't be the fabled TV set Apple is said to be working on, but rather its dinky set-top box. But still, should be quite a day.

9to5Mac quotes reliable sources as saying the new box will launch alongside the iPad 3. It quotes the Apple TV's codename as J33, and says it's rumoured to have a faster processor, possibly a variation on the dual-core A5 found in the iPhone 4S. This chip will mean the Apple TV will finally be able to stream 1080p HD video. Other rumours include a fancy new Bluetooth 4.0 control, and Siri integration, possibly as a testbed for a fully fledged rollout in the TV set.

Just like the possible loss of the home button from the iPad 3, the wording of Apple's invite suggests a new Apple TV too. "We have something you really have to see." That vaguely says TV to us. No? Please yourself.

The iPad 3 is also rumoured to come in three variations, with different code names for each: the J1, J2 and J2a. They're said to have the retina display -- I'd say that's a dead cert. The J1 may be the Wi-Fi-only model, and at least one could well be an LTE-enabled version, though that won't mean much for us here in the UK. Not until the end of the year anyway.

One of these versions may only come in black, which would be strange considering the iPad comes in black and white. Storage is expected to stay at 64GB tops, and an unknown accessory could launch too, most probably a cable or cover.

Just a week to go until we'll know for sure. Let me know what you want to see from the next iPad in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.