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New Apple TV supports third-party game controllers

Apple says "serious" gamers will be able to use Apple-certified MFi game controllers with the new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV starts at $149 (32GB) and starts shipping in October. Apple

If you were wondering whether you'll be able to use a true game controller with the new Apple TV , the answer is yes, third-party game controllers are supported.

The new Apple TV, which ships in October and costs $149 (32GB) or $199 (64GB), comes with a Siri Remote that doubles as a game controller, with the Touch surface acting as a virtual directional pad. (UK and Australian prices have not yet been announced, but $149 and $199 convert to £95 and £130, or AU$210 and AU$285).

It also has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, much like Nintendo's motion-sensing Wii remote.

However, Apple says, "For serious gamers, the new Apple TV supports MFi-based controllers that let you run, jump, shoot, kick, throw, punch or just about any other verb you can imagine." (MFi is Apple's Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod licensing certification program).

Over a dozen MFi controllers are currently available, including the Nimbus Steelseries Controller highlighted by Apple, shown in the photo at the top of this post (it ships in October and costs $50/€60). And you can expect to see a lot more game controllers arrive in the coming months. However, Sony's PS3 and PS4 controllers currently aren't supported and probably never will be, which is too bad.

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