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New Apple TV app said to help viewers discover shows

New "watch list" app will recommend programs to viewers based on their history of viewing on Apple TV, USA Today reports.

Need help discovering new TV shows? Apple may have an app for that.

The tech titan is expected to unveil a new app this week that will suggest programs based on the content viewers have accessed through their Apple TVs, USA Today reported Thursday. For example, the so-called Watch List app might recommend that an FX Networks subscriber check out the dramatic series "Atlanta," the newspaper reported.

Apple was previously reported to be working on an app that would work as a digital TV guide, corralling information on programs available on video apps such as those offered by HBO, Netflix and ESPN without having to launch each app individually. It wasn't immediately clear if the TV guide and recommendation features are related.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple unveiled a revamped, super-powered Apple TV box a year ago, adding an extraslick touchpad remote and a more polished interface. Since then Apple has added a bunch more apps, rolled out some minor tweaks to ease pain points, and doubled down on voice commands and tricks, another feature that helps Apple stand out.

A much-hinted-at Apple-branded subscription TV service was widely expected to be unveiled last year, but those plans were reportedly scrapped because of a lack of progress in securing licensing deals for programming from content providers such as TV networks.