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New Apple Dock connector to be known as 'Lightning,' report says

The company's rumored 9-pin Dock connector is getting that name because it'll allow for faster syncing than the 30-pin option available now, according to the report.

What will Apple announce at today's iPhone 5 event?
What will Apple announce at today's iPhone 5 event? Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Apple's iPhone 5 won't be the only product unveiled today at its press event.

The company today is expected to show off a new, 9-pin Dock connector to replace its current 30-pin option. That new Dock connector will be called Lightning, 9to5Mac is reporting, citing sources. The blog's sources say the name comes from the 9-pin connector's ability to more quickly sync with computers than its predecessor.

The 9-pin connector has shown up in some purported images of the iPhone 5's casing. It has also been met with some criticism from those who aren't too keen on possibly using adapters to get their new iPhone to work with current products.

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However, 9to5Mac says that its sources claim Apple will offer up a couple adapters that will attach to the iPhone 5 and allow users to connect the device to legacy products.

According to 9to5Mac's sources, Apple will also show off new earbuds today it'll call "Earpods." The Earpods will feature a slightly different design than those available now and will offer better sound quality. The sources also claim Apple will deliver a new iPod Shuffle boasting 2GB of storage space, and the current fourth-generation iPod Touch will see its storage boosted from 8GB to 16GB.

Whether all of this will be announced at the iPhone 5 event later today remains to be seen. But if you stick with CNET today, you'll be the first to know: CNET will be live blogging the event with coverage starting at 9 a.m. PT.

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