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New and Noteworthy: XP Users Cop a Feel of Mac OS X; Creative MuVo2 4GB review; more

New and Noteworthy: XP Users Cop a Feel of Mac OS X; Creative MuVo2 4GB review; more

XP Users Cop a Feel of Mac OS X A Wired News article profiles several Windows XP enthusiast sites that are attempting to replicate the Mac OS X look and feel through theme packages and other mechanisms. "The interesting projects include dozens of OS X themes, icons and system tweaks for transforming XP into a Mac mock-up. There are also software add-ons, such as Stardock's Object Desktop, a suite of XP customization tools that can be themed to look just like OS X. Then there's MobyDock for re-creating OS X's dock, and shareware software for Mac-like folders, shortcuts and system applications such as TextEdit." More.

Creative MuVo2 4GB review ABC News has a review of the Creative MuVo2 4GB, which at US$199 represents competition for Apple's US$249 4GB iPod mini. "Smaller and more compact than the iPod mini, the $199 MuVo2 measures a scant 2.6 x 2.6 inches and weighs just 3.5 ounces [...] Cons: Useless included software; menu and track navigation is a challenge; difficult read display." More.

Google's IPO CNET has a round-up of coverage for Google's upcoming, projected US $2.7 billion IPO. How do individual investors get in on the action? "First, interested investors need to have an account with one of the underwriters, Morgan Stanley or Credit Suisse First Boston, where they must submit a bid with the number of shares desired and price they are willing to pay. [...] Google's investment bankers will gather up the bids and enter them into a master order book, which will be reviewed by the company's founders and underwriters. If a bid appears unusually large or the share price listed far exceeds the top range, then investors may be disqualified for creating a speculative bidding environment, according to the filing." More.

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