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New and Noteworthy: Rumor: Apple to Offer Downloads of Entire Movies; Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 4.0 -- not Universal; mo

New and Noteworthy: Rumor: Apple to Offer Downloads of Entire Movies; Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 4.0 -- not Universal; mo

Rumor: Apple to Offer Downloads of Entire Movies The rumor mills are churning once again, as Apple is poised to make new product introductions during a press gathering tomorrow. Some are predicting full-length feature film downloads "Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research went out on a limb, oddsmaking the chances as greater than 50% that Apple will open up the floodgates for full-length feature films for download next Tuesday." More.

Other predictions Business 2.0 discusses several plausible options for tomorrow's announcement, including an enhanced video iPod, and Intel-based Mac mini and more. " Selling movies on iTunes would tie all of Apple's video-ready products together. Since Apple already sells music videos and primetime TV shows, selling movies just means giving users bigger files. And with cable modems and DSL connections increasing in speed, downloading an entire movie is now a less daunting prospect. Besides, plenty of users are already downloading illegal copies of movies over file-sharing networks." More.

Why Apple bet its future on Intel union An extensive article in The Age discusses Apple's Intel transition from a graphic designer's point of view. "Jason Castan, principal of Emperor's Mind, a systems integrator working in corporate and specialist graphics markets in Melbourne and Sydney, says the switch means short-term pain for long-term gain that may not be seen for six months to a year, when software companies such as Adobe are expected to produce Intel-compliant software for the Mac. The pain for corporate and big graphics companies and advertising creative staff is in the performance drop from the new computers having to run current Adobe, Microsoft and other software under Rosetta, translation software Apple has written to bridge the gap between the new platform and when applications will be ready to run natively on the Intel chips, Mr Castan says." More.

Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 4.0 -- not Universal reports that Adobe will unveil the latest release of Photoshop Elements 4.0 for Mac, the companyâ??s consumer-level photo-editing application. Elements 4.0 include many new features that will help consumers with their everyday photo needs. Adobe also said the application was not being released as a Universal Binary for Intel Macs because of time constraints. More.

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