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New and Noteworthy: Quark at Expo for first time in almost a decade; MacFixIt Editor's "Mac OS X Power Tools"; more

New and Noteworthy: Quark at Expo for first time in almost a decade; MacFixIt Editor's "Mac OS X Power Tools"; more

Quark exhibit for first time in almost a decade at Macworld Boston Quark, which has not had a presence at a Macworld Expo in nearly 10 years, will be exhibiting at this Summer's Macworld Expo in Boston. A Boston Globe article states: "The company is back this year because of a renewed focus on marketing. 'It actually is an interesting decision for us,' said Glen Turpin, Quark spokesperson. 'Even though it's a smaller show than it's been in the past, it's one of the first opportunities we've had this year to get in front of a lot of people.' More.

MacFixIt Editor's "Mac OS X Power Tools" released Sybex has published the Second Edition of the critically acclaimed Mac OS X Power Tools, written by MacFixIt Editor Dan Frakes. Called 'the best all-purpose resource for OS X,' Mac OS X Power Tools provides readers with an essential understanding of what makes Mac OS X tick and takes them step-by-step through insightful and essential tips, shortcuts, and solutions. Readers will learn both how to do things in OS X and why they work." For information and reviews, visit the book's website.

USB 2.0 Hi-speed Flash drive review Ars Technica has a round-up of USB 2.0 Hi-speed Flash drives -- devices many consider replacements for floppy disks and writable CD media. "Whether you refer to it as a pen drive, jump drive, thumb drive, key drive, or memory stick, you have to admit, the USB Flash drive is pretty darn cool. Just stick it into the USB port on your computer and within a few seconds a new drive appears on your desktop. So simple and so easy. What makes them so good is that they have a spate of desirable features such as no need for batteries, solid state storage, good transfer speeds, durability, portability, and expected data retention of ten years." More.

School's iBook plan upsets some parents The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that some parents who were encouraged to buy or rent laptop computers for their fifth-graders at Ashley Falls Elementary as part of a new technology program are fuming over a public school making the request. "Ashley Falls recently advised parents to purchase Macintosh iBook computers and certain accessories for about $1,080, or possibly rent them from the school for $435 a year. The program is optional, and students who don't have laptops in the fall can share one of the school's computers." More.

Dine with Steve Wozniak (for CEOs) For those in the Bay Area who are CEOs of new companies, you can dine with Steve Wozniak later this month and "learn firsthand what it means from Woz's perspective to be the cofounder of Apple and now a CEO (Wheels of Zeus)."

The event is called "CEO Mentor/Mentee Dinner." It's hosted by the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE). More.

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