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New and Noteworthy: Palm Tungsten 3 review; What you won't get from an online music store; more

New and Noteworthy: Palm Tungsten 3 review; What you won't get from an online music store; more

Palm Tungsten 3 review The Boston Globe has a rather glowing review of the Palm Tungsten 3: "Once you power up the T3, it makes other models in the Palm line eat exhaust. The first thing that will strike your eyes is the T3's display. Screens on previous Tungstens were striking, but the T3's LCD is eye-popping gorgeous. At 320-by-420 pixels, the transflective display, which can be easily read indoors and out, is terrifically bright and sharp. Its resolution is 50 percent higher than previous Tungstens and twice the resolution of Pocket PCs, which run under an operating system made by Microsoft." More.

What you won't get from an online music store The New York Times has an article discussing the extras that are being bundled with some upcoming albums in a record industry attempt to boost sagging sales: "Ask five people who buy the new P.O.D. album, 'Payable on Death,' what persuaded them to make the purchase. Chances are, you will get five different answers. There is the person who buys it for the hard-rock music P.O.D. performs. But then there is the consumer who picks it up for the PlayStation 2 game that comes included on a DVD. Or the one who wants it for the trading cards packed in the cover. Another P.O.D. fan is after the documentary about the band, also on the DVD. And the last wants the CD because it offers access to unreleased P.O.D. music online." More.

SATADock converts IDE drives to Serial ATA WiebeTech is now shipping a Serial ATA Dock (SATADock) which allows IDE drives to be attached to any Serial ATA host port, such as is found on Apple's G5 computers. A special 2 meter shielded Serial ATA cable is included. The dock with a power supply is priced at $140, and one including a PCI Host at $170.

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