New and Noteworthy: NYT: The Multi-Touch Screen; Inside Apple's Leopard Server OS; more

New and Noteworthy: NYT: The Multi-Touch Screen; Inside Apple's Leopard Server OS; more


NYT: The Multi-Touch Screen David Pogue takes a look at the multi-touch technology that predates the iPhone, as demonstrated by NYU researcher Jeff Han. "After the Jobs demo, I called Jeff Han, fully expecting to hear how angry he was that Apple had stolen his idea without permission or consultation (it?s happened before). Instead, he knew all about Apple?s project. He didn?t say that Apple bought his technology, nor that Apple stole it?only that he?d known what had happened, and that there was a lot he wasn?t allowed to say. Anyway, he returned to TED this year for a new presentation, showing how far the multi-touch technology had progressed (hint: a lot). He also set up his eight-foot touch screens in the TED common area, so anyone could try it." More.

Inside Apple's Leopard Server OS InformationWeek delves into Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Server, looking at iCal server and more. "It's not everything, (certainly not Steve's famous "Top Secret" features), but it's not a sharp stick in the eye either. One of the big features for many people is the iCal server. I know I've not been alone in saying that the lack of calendaring in Mac OS X Server has long been a real hole in the product's feature set, and with iCal Server, Apple is making its first real attempt at plugging that." More.

Amazon Leaks Adobe CS3 Pricing The Adobe CS3 suite will be released on March 27th, but Amazon Canada exposed the pricing details days earlier than planned. Publish reports: "The cost to buy CS3, as noted on Amazon Canada's Web site, ranges from $95 for a Contribute upgrade to $2,749 for 'Adobe Creative Suites CS3 Master Collection Upsell [Mac].' [...] Legacy PowerPC owners will be able to upgrade their CS2 software to CS3, but the Master Collection is listed as Intel-only, suggesting that at least some of the revived Mac video-editing components are unlikely to be offered for PowerPC." More.

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