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New and Noteworthy: iPod a theft target; Gateway closes down stores; more

New and Noteworthy: iPod a theft target; Gateway closes down stores; more

iPod a theft target Fox News reports that the iPod is not only the best selling MP3 player, but also the most stolen. " British thieves are so fond of swiping the pricey MP3 players that police this week asked iPod (search) users to consider switching to boring black or gray headphones, the Daily Telegraph reports." More.

Gateway closes down stores While Apple is planning to open a new store in Pittsburgh [att. MacMinute], ZDNN reports that Gateway will close its retail stores next week and lay off about 2,500 employees associated with the shops, or nearly 40 percent of its work force. "The company, based in Poway, Calif., will continue its direct-sales strategy but plans to shut its 188 stores on April 9. Gateway recently acquired eMachines, and following the closing of the stores, the combined company plans to lay off 2,500--38 percent--of its 6,500 employees. Employees will receive severance packages. The company said it will provide more details about the impact of the closings on its revenue and costs when it announces its first-quarter results April 29." More.

Apple Design awards If you're a Mac developer, be sure to enter the ninth annual Apple Design awards, which will be presented at this year's WWDC.

Ted Landau on Mac Night Owl MacFixIt founder and current contributing Editor Ted Landau will be appearing on the Mac Night Owl Live radio show this evening, Friday, from 8-10 pm Central Time. More.

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