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New and Noteworthy: Apple iTunes Europe launch set for June 15-sources; Sony Unveils 12X Dual Format DVD Burner; more

New and Noteworthy: Apple iTunes Europe launch set for June 15-sources; Sony Unveils 12X Dual Format DVD Burner; more

Memory price dropping, but PC makers still pay up Reuters reports that RAM prices have been falling for the last month after an unexpected spike in April, but computer prices may not drop. "Computer memory is an important cost for PC makers, who function on razor-thin profit margins and seek to use any pricing advantage they can to undercut competition. In the spot market, where memory is bought and sold in the moment instead of under contract, prices have fallen about 24 percent since early April." More.

Apple iTunes Europe launch set for June 15-sources Another Reuters article reports that Apple will announce next week its long-awaited European version of the iTunes online music store, sources familiar with the matter said. "An Apple spokesman in Holland declined to comment on the specifics of the launch. However, Apple issued a statement on Monday that it would host a press conference in London on June 15. Apple billed the event, 'the biggest story in music is about to get even bigger'." More.

Sony Unveils 12X Dual Format DVD Burner Sony has debuted a new Dual RW DVD burner that can write to DVD R discs at speeds up to 12X on certified 8X DVD R media, allowing for a full write-once disc to be recorded in approximately six minutes. The new drive also supports 8X DVD-R and 4X DVD /-RW burning, as well as 40X CD-R and 24X CD-RW recording speeds. More.

Wi-fI heatseeker PC Magazine reports on the Chrysalis Wi-Fi seeker. "Wi-Fi may not be ubiquitous yet, but it's getting there. From airports and hotel lobbies to hot spots and your neighbor's untethered network, many public and private places are home to Wi-Fi signals. The Chrysalis Wi-Fi Seeker is a key chain-size device, much smaller than similar gizmos. The Wi-Fi Seeker aims to eliminate the need to turn on a notebook computer or PDA and use a program like NetStumbler to sniff out wireless presence and signal strength." More.

DVD Studio Pro 3 features review Areview of the new features in DVD Studio Pro 3 has been posted on IT-Enquirer. More.

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