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New and Noteworthy: Apple, IBM veterans team for 'smallest notebook'; more

New and Noteworthy: Apple, IBM veterans team for 'smallest notebook'; more

Apple, IBM veterans team for 'smallest notebook' BusinessWeek reports that OQO, a San Francisco outfit created by veterans of Apple Computer and IBM are showcasing the 'world's smallest laptop' at CeBIT in New York. "Less than 5 inches wide and weighing only 14 ounces, the OQO is easy to drop into a briefcase or even a purse. But it has the power of a full laptop loaded with Windows XP, and it includes Wi-Fi for high-speed wireless Internet access. The device, which will be demonstrated at CeBIT, will be available in the second half of 2004. " More.

120 million PCs to be replaced, how many will be Macs? Apple may have a ripe crop of converts hanging on the line. About 120 million personal computers will be replaced this year, according to The Gartner Group, with 140 million more computers likely to be replaced next year. The swap represents a 13.6 percent rise in PC shipments worldwide this year and 9.8 percent in 2005. More.

Sony calls iPod 21-st century walkman Macworld UK references a Bloomberg News story containing a quote from Sony US vice chairman Howard Stringer who said: "We didn't get there, and by that time, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was there." More.

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