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New and Noteworthy: Apple employees optimistic in survey; Microsoft Longhorn vs. Apple Tiger; more

New and Noteworthy: Apple employees optimistic in survey; Microsoft Longhorn vs. Apple Tiger; more

Apple employees optimistic in survey Vault, a company that publishes employee surveys for top American companies, says Apple employees are optimistic on their company's future. "Says a former customer solutions specialist, 'The business of the company is doing great especially with the iPod and their innovative designs. However just as any large corporation the large scale structure, the organization gets lost at the lower levels. The micromanagement needs to be but to a minimum and something needs to be done to increase retention and lower the turnover rate which is substantial.'" More.

Microsoft Longhorn vs. Apple Tiger who will come out on top? AGeekBlue article speculates on the tough road ahead for Microsoft Longhorn, and the expected warm reception for Apple's Tiger. "With around 5 percent of the personal computer marketplace, Apple has nowhere to go but up, and Tiger -- capitalizing on the company's new hip status -- is going to generate a lot of buzz. Longhorn, meanwhile, will hit a marketplace already dominated by Windows. Microsoft is going to have to dig into its very deep pockets to convince people that it's worth the hassle." More.

HP's new media center PC has an iPod dock Ployer reports on HP's new Media Center PCs, which can be equipped with an iPod dock. "The new look has taken a few pages from the Mac mini design book. HP's new desktop PC design offers simple lines and light colors unifying the PC with the company's consumer product portfolio. HP's advanced design and functionality make it easier than ever to enjoy digital entertainment and digital photography from the PC. For example, select models provide an easy connection to an R-series HP digital camera(1) or the Apple iPod from HP via a removable docking station located on the top of the PC chassis" More.

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