New & Noteworthy: Taxcut; Budget; WebSTAR

New & Noteworthy: Taxcut; Budget; WebSTAR

Kiplinger Taxcut 2000 Update B is the latest update to this tax preparation software. Comments on VersionTracker indicate that it is only for the CD version, not the downloadable version.

    Update: Greg Hanek replies: "Indeed, the link on VersionTracker is only for the CD version. However, the ftp directory that contains the file, also contains an updater for the the downloaded version." David Ahrens claims even the updater linked on VersionTracker worked on his downloaded copy.

Budget 2.4.2 is the latest update to this financial utility. It fixes percent calculation for multiple pays in source dialog. Fixed standard entry in source dialog when creating a new budget file.

WebSTAR Server Suite 4.4b2 is the latest beta version of this web server software for the Mac.

The (not quite) end of BMUG Regarding yesterday's item on the end of BMUG, David Morgenstern notes that: "The BMUG spirit lives on around the Bay Area. BMUG West meets at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on the last Monday of each month. And there's also a monthly meeting in the South Bay."

HomePage error In case you missed yesterday's afternoon posting, check out the item on iTools HomePage server error.