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New & Noteworthy: PowerRIP; Epson StylusRIP; XClaim VR 128; more

New & Noteworthy: PowerRIP; Epson StylusRIP; XClaim VR 128; more

PowerRIP moves to iProof? If you check out the web site for Birmy (the vendor for PowerRIP), you will be directed to a new web page for iProof Systems. The page states: "Welcome to iProof Systems web site. PowerRIP 2000 and iProofs PressProof papers will be shipping in November. Please check back November 5th for all the details." (Thanks, Gene Erickson.)

Epson StylusRIP for G4? Reader Randy received this email from Epson the other day: "Epson has just released the Epson StylusRIP product that has USB to parallel adapter support. This cable and StylusRIP software will work on your new G4." I have no further details on this.

XClaimVR 128 is here! Two readers (Hal Stoen and Scott Rogers) report having finally received the ATI XClaimVR 128 cards (ordered last March - May).

PowerLogix Photoshop plug-ins PowerLogix has announced the availability of the Altivec-enhanced Photoshop plug-ins for use with their PowerForce G4 upgrade.

G4 performance software from XLR8 XLR8 has announced the release of their newest G4 performance software packages. These packages, the XLR8 MACh Speed Control and the new XLR8 Velocity Extensions, provide exclusive benefits of G4 AltiVec performance and compatibility within Mac OS 8.6 and 9.0. This software is included with the purchase of any XLR8 G4 upgrade.

MacP3 v1.5 offers several new features and enhancements. MacP3 offers tools to 'Maximize' your MP3s, renaming and personalizing them according to your chosen preferences. MacP3 also offers complete ID3 tag support, offering add, edit, batch add, and even ID3 remove features. The popular MacP3 Listfile cataloging feature was totally redesigned in v1.5, offering complete customization and better support.

SiteCam-Transit Surveyor Corp. and Rearden Technology, have released SiteCam-Transit, "the first interactive Webcam package priced under $500 for the Macintosh."