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New & Noteworthy: Ohio's Apple store; Steve Jobs a 10!; Apple expands; Sonnet Cresendo/7200 update; more

New & Noteworthy: Ohio's Apple store; Steve Jobs a 10!; Apple expands; Sonnet Cresendo/7200 update; more

Another weekend, another retail store debuts A new Apple Store will open this Friday in Columbus Ohio, at the Easton Town Center. Doors open at 9. Lines form before dawn, if previous openings are any guide. Directions.

    Update: We incorrectly posted earlier that the opening was Saturday. It is in fact Friday. We regret the error. (Thanks, Simone Manganelli.)

Steve Jobs a 10! Apple's CEO ranked number 10 on Vanity Fair's latest new establishment list. Members with single digit rankings include Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Case, and Gerald Levin. More.

Apple Expands as PCs Cut Back From Wired: "With Hewlett-Packard gobbling up Compaq, Gateway slashing staff and Dell driving prices to rock bottom, the PC market has turned into a bloody battlefield. But the big winner could turn out to the only player in desktop computers that doesn't make a PC: Apple." More.

Sonnet Cresendo/7200 updated to accept newer RAM sticks; software updated Sonnet Technologies is shipping an improved version of its Crescendo/7200 processor upgrade, which can now use industry-standard 168-pin EDO or Fast Page Mode 5 volt DIMMs. While the Crescendo/7200 G3 and G4 PCI cards have always included on-board RAM expansion, (supporting a doubling of total system memory) they had not been compatible with somethis page for more details.

Apple's handheld opportunity From BusinessWeek: "The more complex handhelds become, the more difficult they are to use and sync with other computing devices. Herein lies Apple's destiny. Someone has to straighten out this growing tangle of connectivity and file sharing between personal computers and their little brethren." More.

Flat panel prices stabilizing; flat-panel iMac delayed? From MacUser: "According to a report by Display Search, an FPD (flat panel display) market researcher and consultant, ten to 15 inch FPDs are, 'already priced at or below cost,' due to large falls in the price over the past year." As a result, "the chances of Apple introducing an iMac with a flat-panel LCD display within the next six months appear to be receding." More.

4D Server 6.7.5 is the latest release of the 4th Dimension relational database server. This version is native for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, and requires no code changes for migration from Mac OS 9. (A 4D 6.7.x native Mac OS X client is currently under development and is expected to ship before the end of the year.)

Free issue of 4D journal The March 2001 issue of 'Dimensions: The Journal of 4D & WebSTAR' is available for free download from the Dimensions Web site.

FileMaker Pro 5.5 supports Citrix, Terminal Services FileMaker, Inc. has announced that FMP 5.5 now can support Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

Motorola: New Technology Makes Chips 35 Times Faster From Mac OS Opinion: "Motorola says it has unveiled what it calls a breakthrough microprocessor technology -- combining silicon with optical components -- that the company says will make chips perform 35 times faster than traditional silicon microprocessors." More.

It's Still a Plain Gray Box, but the Innards Are Changing The New York Times looks at the future of internal bus development for personal computers.

As Big PC Brother Watches, Users Encounter Frustration From the New York Times: "Although the use of cookies is generally benign, the fact that they can be used for detailed tracking of Web users and their activities has upset many consumers. Meanwhile, the technologies for monitoring and analyzing those activities grow more powerful. But when it comes to protecting privacy online, most consumers still do not even know where to start." More. Also see Giving the Web a Memory Cost Its Users Privacy.

Ultrafast wireless technology set to lift off From Network World: "Later this year, the Federal Communications Commission will decide whether to give the green light to so-called ultra-wideband transmission. If approved, UWB could have a dramatic impact on short-range wireless communications for the enterprise." More.

Intel Moves Into Wireless Home Networking From Newsfactor: "The new system runs on the IEEE 802.11b -- aka Wi-Fi -- standard, which represents a shift in technology for the company. In March, Intel announced it would abandon the Home Radio Frequency (HomeRF) standard for wireless networking in favor of the Wi-Fi standard." More.

Proposal could ease wireless upgrades Also from Network World: "Such a 'dual-band radio' would let a laptop user tap into one of today's IEEE 802.11b LANs, which run up to 11M bit/sec, on 2.4 GHz. But it also would let the same user make use of either 802.11g nets, which will run over 20M bit/sec on the same 2.4-GHz band, or the upcoming 802.11a LANs, which run up to 54M bit/sec on the 5-GHz band.." More.

Jacksonville Florida wireless Internet zone An idea we hope catches on everywhere: free, wireless Internet access in interesting places. From the Jaxwiz Web site: "Any device enabled with industry standard 802.11b, or Wi-Fi, connectivity will be instantly connected to the Internet free of charge upon entering the WIZ at The Jacksonville Landing. Jacksonville Landing is a retail, restaurant and amusement center located on Jacksonville's downtown riverfront."