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New & Noteworthy: new iMac configuration; DVD-R media; Wireless community; more

New & Noteworthy: new iMac configuration; DVD-R media; Wireless community; more

Apple quietly releases "new" iMac configuration Apple has reintroduced its entry level iMac configuration, for $799 US. (Margin note: While the price is competitive, its measly 64 MB of RAM is indefensible. Apple has no business selling Macs that cannot run Mac OS X out of the box. Even Mac OS 9.2.1 will squeak at running in such a small space.) Details can be found at the Apple Store.

DVD-R media available The Apple Store also now stocks DVD-R media available in packs of 5 for $29.95.

Personal Telco Project wireless community A reader suggested this site after spotting a link on Macintouch. It contains a large volume of information on wireless networking, its community, technology, and hardware hacks. (Thanks, Monty Solomon.)

Speed not reliable yardstick for computer performance From the Associated Press: "Hard drive, memory, graphics card, software have as much influence as processor rating." More.

W3C patent plan draws protests From CNet: "A new and controversial proposal under consideration by the World Wide Web Consortium could open the way for companies to claim patent rights--and demand royalties--on standards authorized by that body." More.

Post WTC attack Internet From Business 2.0: "For years we've been hearing about how the Internet was designed to withstand nuclear attacks. Well, at least we know it can resist terrorist bombardment, as was proven on Sept. 11 when the World Trade Center's collapse took out a massive chunk of Manhattan's telecommunications capability. Internet service continued uninterrupted after the disaster." More.

Political Cartoons Here is another look at recent world news though the eyes of political cartoonists.

Protest Rally of the "People for the Ethical Treatment of non-Mac users."