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New & Noteworthy: Kensington's New Mouse; People Like

New & Noteworthy: Kensington's New Mouse; People Like

Apple, Hate AOL; Mac Artist Makes Splash; PGP Security Hole

Kensington's new mouse Peripheral veteran Kensington has introduced a new mouse that features a trackpad-like sensor that acts as a scroll wheel, rubberized side grips, optical tracking, and a three programmable buttons. The new mouse is priced at $60 and is currently available for pre-order. More.

People like Apple, hate AOL In a poll that queried 15,000 readers on questions of dependability, the quality and frequency of repairs and technical support, along with willingness to buy again from the same company, it was found that this year's least-frustrated consumer owned a laptop made by Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba or IBM; a Sony or Handspring handheld computer; or a desktop made by Dell or a local "white box" assembler. America Online, fared worst, with customers frustrated by its high price and unreliable connections. More.

Mac artist makes splash Isca Greenfield-Sanders is a digital artist who uses the Mac to produce her work is drawing praise for her giant mixed-media paintings of nostalgic family settings. Her work combines traditional watercolor and oil-painting skills with advanced image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. "I try to make a composition that pushes photography into the realm of painting," she said. More.

PGP Security Hole Researchers at eEye Digital Security have discovered a security hole that affects the PGP (pretty good privacy) e-mail encryption system. The flaw allows hackers to exploit a programming flaw in Microsoft Outlook's PGP plug-in. Network Associates, which until February distributed both commercial and free versions of PGP, made available on its website a free download to fix the software. More.

Griffin's iCurve Griffin Technologies has introduced the iCurve, a $40 clear laptop stand designed specifically for Apple’s PowerBook and iBook portable computers. The curved base of the iCurve doubles as a handle, allowing a laptop to swivel and glide easily into any position. It will be available in September. More.