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New 8GB iPhone 5C is cheaper on O2, at £410

Apple has also brought the 4th-generation iPad with Retina display back into service, retiring the iPad 2.

Hear-ye, iPhone fans -- there's a new 8GB iPhone 5C in town, with a cut-down price. But it could be even cheaper if you opt for O2.

On sale as of this morning, the new lower-capacity version of the colourful smartphone will set you back £429 if you buy it from Apple, SIM-free. That's £50 cheaper than the 16GB model, which costs £469.

After so many rumours concerning the longed-for cheaper iPhone, we were a touch dismayed that -- when the iPhone 5C was officially revealed -- it was so gosh-darned pricey. £429 is still a lot of cash to splash, but could broaden the appeal of Apple's hoity-toity telephone.

O2 offers the new 8GB iPhone 5C on its 'Refresh' tariff, which splits the cost of the phone and the cost of your minutes, texts and data into two separate monthly costs.

If you pay a penny shy of £410 up front, you'll get the 8GB iPhone 5C on Refresh with no more money outstanding to pay for the phone itself. That leaves you paying £13 for the airtime, which includes 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

That's a lower up-front cost, but note however that the phone you get will be locked to O2, and 500GB isn't a lot of data.

iPad 2 retired

There's more Apple news. The long-standing iPad 2, which remained on sale even as the iPad Air hit shop shelves, has been gracefully retired in favour of the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display.

That model is making a bold comeback, having been put to bed last year. It's not as thin as the iPad Air, but has that eye-searing Retina display, and costs £329, which is a whole £70 less than the £399 iPad Air.

Are you tempted by any of Apple's new tech? Let me know in the comments below.