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Never miss a game again

'Game Time' watch is programmed with team schedules

Hollywood Gadgets

The NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, and baseball season has just begun. A sweet time of the year it is indeed. But how can we keep track of all the schedules?

Enter the "Game Time" sports watch, which is programmed to alert you when your favorite team is about to play, and if you're running late it sounds a tune to let you know when the game is starting. And for the OCD fans out there--and we know there are a ton of you--it also includes schedules of future games, venues and start times for your football, baseball, basketball or hockey teams. If you're a NASCAR fan, the digital timepiece includes a stopwatch that can calculate a car's speed and provide TV programming information.

Crave offers this unsolicited tip: If you want to drop some hints about this $100 gadget for a Father's Day gift, just mention the watch part but not the sports.