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Never miss a flight at the airport that tracks your face

Facial recognition technology could be used to spot passengers who are lost or late.

Roslan Rahman / AFP/Getty Images

It's easy to lose track of time in airports. One minute you've got ages before your flight, the next they're calling your name as your gate closes. But a new face recognition system being tested in Singapore's Changi airport could put an end to panicked dashes through duty free.

Changi is planning to test cameras that recognise passing faces and identify passengers who are lost or running late, according to Reuters. The high-tech airport already uses facial recognition for various check-in services including bag drop and immigration, and also features other innovations such as cleaning robots. 

If the face recognition plan takes off, it could also put an end to the panic of losing your passport. 

"Today you take passport, you show your face and you show your boarding pass," said Steve Lee, Changi Airport Group's chief information officer. "Then in future, you just take your face."