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Whatever you do, don't make Magneto Cat angry

Cats are finicky eaters, but some felines should never be crossed when it comes to their vittles. Find out why cats with superpowers should be taken seriously in "X-Men: Magneto Cat."

If your cat has superpowers, always feed him the good canned food. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

All pet owners can tell you that their furry roommates -- especially cats -- aren't very happy when served mediocre meals for dinner. In the video "X-Men: Magneto Cat" by Kaipotainment we see firsthand the perils of living with a telekinetic kitty.

Just like his human Magneto counterpart from the Marvel comics, this cat has the power to levitate metal.

Magneto Cat not only uses his mind to throw a myriad of knives at his owner, but also fends off a missile attack, all in the name of food. He even sports Magneto's signature helmet.

Watch the behind the scenes footage to see how the video was made using special effects and a very patient cat.

But that's not all, the YouTube channel also features the adventures of other X-Cats including Cyclops Cat, Professor X Cat and Wolverine Cat. Now if we could only convince Marvel to make this a feature film, that would be purrfect.