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Hand crank and elbow grease is all you need to work LED lantern


The weather must be changing, because we're seeing more items that actually involve the outdoors (and not snowplowing). Just yesterday, for example, we noted an anti-insect LED lightbulb to be used outside, but Gizoo's "Wind-up Magic LED Lantern" does it one better: It doesn't need any batteries or power outlets to work.

How is this possible? It's called a hand crank, Sparky. Just one minute of winding will get 30 minutes of light from the lantern's five LEDs, according to SCI FI Tech, and it can stay lit for up to four hours when fully charged. And if you're camping, the lamp can even be dimmed to a nightlight mode that will last for 60 hours. That would be a life-saver when nature calls in the middle of the night. (No word on whether it'll repel bugs, however.)