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Networking upstart goes after Cisco's market

Networking software maker Ironbridge Networks is set to launch a high-speed network routing device that the company says is better than similar technology from Cisco Systems.

Jumping into a market dominated by Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, networking software maker Ironbridge Networks is set to launch a new high-speed network routing device next week.

The Lexington, Mass.-based start-up says its new device provides better performance than similar technology built by networking giant Cisco and costs less.

Routers ship Internet traffic from point to point along a network at high speeds.

Ironbridge joins a growing group of start-ups looking to take a bite out of the high-speed router market. Newcomers like Avici Systems, Pluris and Charlotte's Web Networks either have products on the market or have similar technologies in the works.

Internet traffic carriers Qwest Communications International and the United Kingdom's Energis are testing Ironbridge's new router device, a company representative said.

Ironbridge's terabit router allows communications-network companies to provide what it calls "virtual routing," offering dedicated networks without requiring the addition of more physical routers, a company representative said.

Ironbridge has so far received $85 million in investments.