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Network Ten offers free Winter Olympics video app

The Sochi 2014 on Ten app for iOS and Android will feature eight simultaneous live streams of Olympic action.

With coverage of the XXII Winter Olympics at Sochi kicking off on 7 February, Network Ten has revealed its free app for anyone keen on keeping up with the frozen version of the regular Olympics.

(Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

The slightly clunkily named Sochi 2014 on Ten app is coming out for iOS and Android and will feature eight simultaneous live streams. These will be comprised of the events being broadcast on channels Ten and One, as well as six more dedicated streams straight from Sochi.

The app will be free and availability is given as "in the next week or so".

Ten will also be using its catch-up TV service Tenplay to allow viewers to stay abreast of the XXII Winter Olympiad.

The Tenplay website will also host six 24-hour live streams, as well as full catch-up packages for all events, edited highlights packages, and streaming of all related shows including Sochi Tonight and Sochi Live.

The same content will be available across the various Tenplay apps on iOS, Xbox, Windows 8 and Sony Bravia smart TVs.

Ten's coverage of the frost-rimed sporting event starts on the evening of Friday 7 February and continues until the early hours of Monday 24 February.