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Network security alliance forged

Bidding for a larger role in network security, Internet Security Systems announces an alliance of 40 network infrastructure players.

Bidding for a larger role in network security, Internet Security Systems today announced an alliance of 40 network infrastructure players that will create a unified way for enterprises to manage switches, routers, firewalls, antivirus software, and other security and network components.

The new Adaptive Network Security Alliance (ANSA) includes networking players like 3Com, Compaq, Lucent, MCI/Worldcom, Nokia, and Nortel Networks.

ISS' ambition for ANSA is to make it easier for network managers to control disparate devices and monitor security on their networks from a single point-in this case ISS' recently introduced SAFEsuite Decisions software. Although several companies offer security consoles to simplify network or security management, ISS' aim is more far-reaching.

"This is a strategic initiative to develop a framework that will allow management of security-based on monitoring, detecting, and responding to security threats across the entire infrastructure," ISS president Tom Noonan said.

Although ANSA's charter members include a number of security firms--firewall company Check Point Software and antivirus player Trend Micro--two security players with similar centralized management schemes are conspicuously absent, Network Associates and Axent.

However, two giants in network management software, Hewlett-Packard and IBM subsidiary Tivoli Systems are part of ANSA.