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Network General sees the big picture

New management tools can be used to keep close tabs on intranet network traffic and find potential trouble spots.

ATLANTA--Network General (NETG) introduced the first in a series of applications this week at Networld+Interop that tie the company's popular Distributed Sniffer System to other platforms.

The Network General Service Level Manager is a Microsoft Windows NT-based application that can consolidate information from remote monitoring and custom Management Information Base devices, as well as presenting the data to an administrator in real time.

The product is the first application to tie into the company's Total Network Visibility three-tier management architecture. As companies in corporate intranets, the architecture can be used to keep close tabs on network traffic and possible trouble spots.

Using remote monitoring, an administrator can use Service Level Manager to view server, router, or local area network status from a single console. The product supports Ethernet, Token Ring, Fast Ethernet, wide area networks, and FDDI network segments.

The manager also includes automated capabilities, so it can monitor resources at given intervals automatically.

The Service Level Manager will be available by the end of the year for $4,995.