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Network Associates hits Y2K

The company ships an enterprise software product for Y2K compliance in desktop computer hardware, software, and files.

Network Associates today extended its product line for Year 2000 software, shipping an enterprise software product called Zero Administration Client 2000 to diagnose and resolve Y2K compliance issues in desktop computer hardware, software, and files.

The desktop software, shipping today, audits networked workstations to give corporate computing managers a centralized view of Y2K problems on their networks, including custom software. It also recommends ways to resolve problems in hardware, software, and data files, based on ZAC 2000's built-in knowledge of how 4,000-plus software programs are affected by date dependencies.

Designed for large, distributed environments, the audit also performs six hardware-level BIOS checks. Data collected from running the software is reported into a "data collator" that automatically compares installed software against its database of known Y2K problems.

The software is available through Network Associates from $50 per node for 1,000-plus nodes. Other Y2K products from Network Associates include Nuts & Bolts 98, Nuts & Bolts Deluxe, Safe & Sound, and a future product code-named SafeStart 2000, a desktop product for standalone PCs that is due in retail stores by the end of June.