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NetWare upgrade takes aim at MS

Novell hopes that an upgrade of NetWare will take business away from Microsoft.

Novell is hoping that an upgrade of its NetWare operating system, code-named Green River and released this week into beta testing, will draw interest away from Microsoft's Windows NT Server software.

Green River will include features that were previously add-ons to NetWare 4.1 like TCP/IP support and multiprocessing. Other new features include increased security for data transmission over networks and better control over network printing. Network administrators will also get a new graphical interface and other changes designed to simplify the updating and installation of files and other resources.

After a slow start, Windows NT has been making steady inroads into the LAN operating system market, an arena that until now has been dominated by Novell. With Green River, Novell is hoping to regain its former stranglehold on the server software market.

Novell is shipping the beta of Green River to about 2,800 software developers and manufacturers. The final release is set for sometime this fall.

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