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NetSuite floats out SuiteCloud

NetSuite launches SuiteCloud Ecosystem in a move to push its customers' core operations in the cloud. A developer program will complement a cloud-computing app marketplace.

NetSuite on Thursday unveiled its SuiteCloud Ecosystem, expanding its on-demand enterprise software service to include cloud computing.

The company, which hosts enterprise software on demand, is branching out to allow customers the ability to push their core operations into the clouds.

As part of its SuiteCloud Ecosystem, NetSuite is launching a developer program, SuiteCloud Developer Network, and an online cloud-computing application marketplace, SuiteApp.com.

The SuiteCloud platform will be built on core NetSuite enterprise resource management (ERP) software, as well as its customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce offerings.

NetSuite is delving into cloud computing at a time when this relatively new industry is coming to grips with its own definition and purpose.