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Netscape's services, source code, site

The company's moves on services, source code, and Netcenter illustrate its ever-evolving business plans.

Netscape Communications continues its marketing push by setting its sights on serving the software needs of large corporations, offering more services on its Netcenter portal site, and posting the source code for Messenger, part of its Communicator 5.0 suite--moves that illustrate the company's ever-evolving business plans.

Netscape e-commerce suite ready
The company releases the final piece of its Internet commerce software, completing the CommerceXpert suite of offerings it acquired from Actra.

Netscape unveils email client code
Communicator 5.0 has nothing left to hide now that the company will release source code for Messenger.

Netcenter adds job boards
Netscape will announce a career section for its portal site, the latest addition in its rush to offer content and services.

Netscape shifts focus to "ESPs"
The company is now courting large firms that are demanding more robust Web server and email software often found on ISP servers.