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Netscape's Propeller quietly launches, tries to ignore Digg news

Propeller, Netscape's rebranded social news site, is alive and spinning.

Of all the days to relaunch its Digg clone, Netscape has funny timing. Propeller, the new face and name of the otherwise identical social news service, went live today. As we wrote about earlier this month, now redirects you to the cobranded AOL/Netscape start page that serves up a regular assortment of news stories and links, along with plugs for Propeller. and users also get a new box with five of the most popular stories on Propeller.

The news comes the same day as a huge overhaul to Digg's user profile system. A move that brings in a handful of social networking and bookmarking features to the popular social news site.

Already previous users of seem pretty happy with the move, although there were scattered reports of some having difficulty logging in with their Netscape credentials. On a side note, a Propeller user dug up the domain history of, noting it's been owned for 4,567 days--making it more than 12 years old.

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