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Netscape upgrades suite

The company is releasing Monday an upgrade of its flagship server software.

Netscape Communications (NSCP) is releasing Monday an upgrade of its flagship server software.

SuiteSpot 3.5, which encompasses most of the company's server lineup, will combine a new full version of Directory Server with smaller enhancements, including support for spam filters, LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) 3.0, and full support for version 1.1 of Java.

The release updates features and performance, but the next major revision of Netscape's server suite, code-named Apollo, will come later this year. The company's server software--and the consulting fees it can charge to help customers install it--is now the main focus of Netscape's business. It generated well over 50 percent of the company's revenues last quarter.

SuiteSpot does not include Netscape's new Application Server, acquired from Kiva Software when it bought out that company last fall. Application Server 2.0 was recently released as a Netscape-branded product but the company has not changed the underlying Kiva technology.

SuiteSpot 3.5 will come with the Communicator client suite, which includes email, browser, and newsreader. The standard version will cost $82 per seat. The professional version will cost $140 per seat.

Netscape said it won 875 new accounts in 1997.