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Netscape posts standalone Navigator

Ending weeks of speculation, Netscape posts a standalone version of the Navigator browser on its FTP site.

Netscape Communications (NSCP) has ended rampant speculation by posting a standalone version of the Navigator 4.x browser on its FTP site.

The company is announcing the move at a press conference later today after weeks of pressure from industry players--Lotus Development in particular--to unbundle the Navigator browser from the Communicator software suite. Lotus refused to ship its popular Lotus Notes groupware with Communicator because the new suite contains competing features such as email, message, and conferencing groups.

As previously reported by CNET's NEWS.COM August 15, the move has been anticipated for some time. The decision to offer Navigator to consumers separately from Communicator is a good one, according to one Internet software analyst.

"They still have market dominance," said John Robb of Gomez Advisors. "Bundling Navigator with Netcaster and giving it away to consumers in particular would be spectacular."

The standalone Navigator file is available for Windows 3.1, 95, and NT. The 95/NT version is a 7.5MB download, with the Windows 3.1 version slightly smaller.