Netscape Navigator 4.03.1 released; fixes problems noted with 4.03

Netscape Navigator 4.03.1 released; fixes problems noted with 4.03


Steve Dagley (of Netscape) has announced the release of Netscape Navigator 4.03.1 for the Mac. It has the following fixes (which address various issues regarding the previous version):

Adds the 'New Window with this Link' command.

Does not install the ICeTEe and Internet Config RandomSignature extensions when installing Internet Config.
[Note: a couple of readers had noted problems with the RandomSignature extension. For example, Patrick Blum wrote: "Pop up menu on my URL Manager Pro control strip module expanded across the screen after installing Random Signature."]

Uses the handler specified in Internet Config for news: URL's. (Note that the mailto: URL handler is also supported using Internet Config.)

Removes "Alphabetize Bookmarks" menu item. (This feature was removed from both Communicator and Navigator but the menu item wasn't removed from Navigator 4.03.)

Note that the file listing name and URL for this update have not changed on Netscape's ftp sites. The way to tell that you are getting the new version is that the file date will be 9/9/97. Also note that this is the 40-bit encryption export version. The 128-bit encryption US version will be available through the Netscape web site in the next couple of days.

Finally, a Netscape employee, sounding a bit exasperated with complaints about Mail and News features being removed, wrote: "First people complain that the program is bloated with un-needed features like Mail/News. Now that we take them out, people complain that they are not there. Where is the problem? You want integrated mail/news, you upgrade to Communicator. Furthermore, of course you need to use IC to configure external apps for mail and news. It's a de-facto standard on the Mac, and we're using it. Why is that a surprise?"

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