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Netscape Navigator 4.03.1; problems that may still remain

Netscape Navigator 4.03.1; problems that may still remain

CrashGuard problem? Awhile back, we reported a problem between Communicator and GrashGuard, when loading pages that use Java. Somehow, I had thought that problem had been resolved. In any case, it appears to exist in Navigator 4.03. Bob Trikakiis writes that he gets a "PowerPC Exception" error when loading Java pages. This did not happen when using Navigator 3.0. Jennifer Ho reports similar problems.

Delrina FaxPro problem? One reader says that they have "verified that the Delrina FaxPro SIContDrvr v1.51 extension causes a Type 1 error to occur when attempting to launch either Netscape Navigator 4.03 or Netscape Communicator 4.03. This does not occur under 4.01 nor any other versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer."

680x0 version Although the PPC version of Navigator 4.03 is reportedly notably faster than the 3.0 version, several readers are reporting that the 68K version is actually slower. The Preferred Memory size for the 68K version also appears to be double the 4Mb required by the PPC version (with virtual memory on).

Connect status message A "problem" I have with both Communicator and Navigator 4.03 is that the connect status message at the bottom of a window (that says things such as "Connect. Host xxx contacted. Waiting for reply..." after clicking on a link) disappears if you move the cursor. This makes it hard for me determine the status of a slow-to-load page.

And finally... Today's MRP has some additional notes on solving Navigator glitches, including the suggestion to use Stefan Anthony's Netscape Preferences Fix if you have a problem registering protocols (which is due to an STR glitch in the Preferences file).

Update: Adam Wunn has posted alternative fix for this Preferences STR glitch. It's called Netscape Prefs STR Patch. It includes instructions on why you may need it and how to use it. Check Adam's web page for more details.