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What to watch during the long weekend

Take a look at what's brand new on Amazon Prime and what you should watch to truly celebrate this holiday weekend.

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In honor of Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day, we've put together a bunch of movies and tv shows you can watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix. On February 13, Amazon unleashes a full season of "Bosch" for binge watching. This show originally aired during Amazon's 2014 pilot season and received over 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

If you're feeling inspired by the date, we found a whole bunch of "Friday the 13th" movies available online. If you're going to watch one after the other, stay on Netflix because it has the first eight movies except for "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" (part 5). Amazon also has a decent selection of the same horror movie franchise.

Romantic movies can be found on both services. It could be a good time to try out the critically-acclaimed "Silver Linings Playbook" available on Netflix.

Presidents' Day could rile up your curiosity about US history, so get educated with History Channel's "Ultimate Guide to the Presidents" available on both Amazon and Netflix. The HBO mini-series "John Adams" starring Paul Giamatti can be found on Amazon.

Choosing what to watch can be daunting, so you could veg out with Sling TV . The service just launched on February 9 and brings a number of traditional live cable channels to your phone or Roku box. There's a seven-day free trial that will let you get a feel for the service.

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