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NetObjects updates Fusion

The Web publishing software company ships the latest version of its flagship product and plans to offer a low-cost bundle of related Web tools.

Web publishing software company NetObjects shipped the latest version of its flagship product today and will make a low-cost bundle of related Web tools available along with it.

The company, a division of IBM, is positioning its Fusion 3.0 as a Web development program for building sites that are bigger than personal home pages but smaller than massive enterprise sites.

To maintain a presence in the market for power users and small businesses, NetObjects has refrained from adding too much capability directly to Fusion. Instead, it is offering complementary tools for higher-end users.

For example, the add-on package, called the ProPack, will capitalize on IBM's heavy investment in Java by bundling Java development tools from both IBM and its Lotus Development division.

The Fusion ProPack includes the following software: NetObjects' ScriptBuilder 2.0 script editing tool; IBM's VisualAge for Java development tool; Lotus's BeanMachine for building applications from Java building blocks; and software that ties Fusion-built Web sites to application server platforms from Allaire, Lotus Development, Netscape Communications, and Microsoft.

Fusion 3.0 for Windows 95 or NT is available for $295, with upgrades from previous versions priced at $99. Customers who have bought Fusion 2.0 this year can upgrade for free. The Fusion ProPack will be available in May for $149, but registered Fusion users will be able to buy it for $99.