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NetManage debuts support tool

The software maker previews a tool for making it easier to support software users.

Software maker NetManage (NETM) today previewed a tool for making it easier to support software users.

The company demonstrated the tool, SupportNow, at the Internet Showcase conference in San Diego.

Priced at $40,000 for a one year license, NetManage's SupportNow enables software vendors to provide technical support to their customers through secure interactive sessions over the Internet. The SupportNow server is priced separately, at $2,000 per server.

NetManage's president and CEO, Zvi Alon, said a user working at his or her PC can get technical support by calling up a customer support representative and walking through the problem step-by-step while online. The SupportNow server provides a direct service channel between the two, Alon said, so that customer service representatives can then "see what the actual problem is."

"If the customer service representative needs to delve deeper into the problem, they can modify the problematic application online," Alon said.

The Cupertino, California-based NetManage builds PC connectivity packages, offering Windows applications for connecting UNIX and IBM AS/400 midrange and mainframe systems.

Alon said SupportNow will begin shipping this quarter.