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Nethrone's silver gaming chair

The Nethrone is making an appearance at CES 2006 -- a glistening silver chair designed to ease gamers and computer addicts into a restful, trance-like state. But it may have other uses...

Ever since Crave slid into an Oculas at the Stuff show we've been on the look out for new ways to kick back and geek out in total comfort.

So at the CES 2006 trade show in Las Vegas in January we'll definitely be taking a ride in EMA Innovation's Nethrone -- ("net" and "throne", did you see what they did there?)

These gleaming, stylish chairs masquerade as "uniquely engineered environments designed for gaming, net surfing, and computer using." Yet there's something strangely sinister about their gleaming steel surfaces.

Then the penny drops. These chairs would be perfect during an extraordinary rendition: simply fly your hapless subject to a sympathetic regime, strap him or her into a Nethrone, and then force them to play Project Gotham Racer and redrill their molars until they spill the beans.

Let's hope repressive regimes and security agencies around the world check them out. With a Nethrone, you can improve your detainee's dental work, gee up their driving skills, and provide them with relaxing, comfy massage.

Check out the company's Web site for a groovy little animation showing a portly little user easing his back before assuming the position, it's priceless. Unlike the Nethrone, which will set you back -- ah, that's coming soon, we'll have to wait until CES to find out. - MP