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Smart Home

Orbi router having Apple HomeKit problems? Netgear offers fix

A glitch is causing the Wi-Fi routers to have problems with HomeKit accessories.


The Orbi RBK30 router and extender.


A firmware update on Netgear's Orbi Wi-Fi routers is causing some people to have problems connecting Apple HomeKit smart home devices. Luckily, Netgear has acknowledged the problem and is offering a quick fix, with a permanent solution on the way.

If you're encountering this problem, head to this page on the Netgear community forum. From there you can find the model of your Orbi router and manually update the firmware. Netgear provides a guide if you need help doing this.

Traditional routers send out their Wi-Fi signal from a single point and use extenders to try to fill Wi-Fi dead zones. But mesh routers (like Orbi) typically use multiple nodes with a single SSID, intended to cover your house with seamless Wi-Fi coverage. Netgear just released its Orbi Cable Modem this week.